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No-one is entirely sure who or what col is, therefore this is expressed by people in a number of ways. Does anyone know who col is? We seek the truth.
1. "whos col?"
2. "yeah i know, but whos col?"
3. "wtf is col?"
4. "col is a 48 year old paedo who knows robbie"
by Pabla February 14, 2005
abbreviation for 'chuckle out loud', similar to 'lol'
col =)
that was a funny joke, col
by sourwyrm December 02, 2004
An internet expression for "chortle out loud". It is used to express less enthusiasm than "lol", but slightly more enthusiasm than loti.
When Samantha lactated right in the middle of brunch, I just had to col.
by Prima B. Goode June 20, 2005