C.O.B-Children of Bodom-enough said
C.O.B...its a band they play music and stuff
by meat puppet 666 November 13, 2005
another version of FOB. COB stands for Captain of the Boat.
Basically the FOB of all FOBs
Hoon Hyung came just last semester from the motherland... He's a C.O.B. fo sho
by JJLee March 06, 2006
a sharp poke or goose in the anus
ouch that cob hurt!
by The man December 14, 1999
1. some one who sneaks into the female toilets.
2.who also takes pictures of his penis.
3. and enjoys naked antics
4.is a good bloke and is my mate
cob get out of the chicks toilets!
by d-unit February 24, 2004
Stands for Corporation of bears
an orginization with ambitions of destroying viggo,the whole fur fighter onslaught, and any other opposers who openly disobey and rebel against it.
it has vast resources and a
military with powerful allies including the L.O.G.(LEAGUE OF GRUNTS and the F.C. (fox clan) and many others
their technology and intelligence make them superior to any other. The roots of this society are yet unknown. The leaders of this are unknown and there is one which is of interest. his name Mr. baguakins and he is formally known as a high ranking colonel. he is a chicken which will destroy any person who dare eat the souls of chickens who did the C.O.B. right and served right
to their salty end. The C.O.B. will further institute its power for research, military, resources, and control. The organization controls leigons of bears ranging from grizzly to panda all loyally serving to any extent. there are rumors that are flowing about this world of a army of mechanized forces which is unknown............ The C.O.B. is coming to rule.
The C.O.B. will control the universe
The C.O.B. is to obeyed!
Nobody says any crap about the C.O.B. GOT THAT?!
by Broc November 04, 2003

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