a racist term towards white people, red necks mainly
that cob was caught fucking his sister
#racist #white #redneck #slang #funny
by niggamyjordans July 10, 2011
Cock on Balls; or COB to have completed a task in good time, or exceptionally well or built something to perfection. Derived from the male form, Cock being slang for penis and balls slang for testicals. there is no greater design or example of perfection then the male anatomy.
Ben: " hows that job commiing?"
Pete "cock on balls be done in a minute!"

"you've done another COB job johnson"
#well done #complete #perfection #perfect #awsome
by modern_cowboy March 26, 2010
-pronounced kawb

A negative adjective used to describe a person or place/event. Originated on the football field of Arroyo Grande High School (a small town in the central coast of California).
You little kids are so cob.

That concert was so cob it was just a bunch of teary-eyed emos.
#cob #bad #gross #negative #corn
by tommdogg November 10, 2007
A Group of people that are a bunch of slackjawedfaggots and refuse to do there jobs while others pick up the slack.
My co-workers are a bunch of fucking Cobs!
#cob #cobbes #cobes #coes #cobblepot
by ingloriosbasterd November 16, 2011
Crazy Old Bat. A crazy old bat is an ugly old person who gets on your nerves, and a person that is very stupid and confused
That C.O.B is such a hobknocker because she is selling weed on the free way!
#hobknocker #stupid #crazy #old #free way #bat
by FABULOUS FABBY01 June 14, 2009
An acronym for "Council of the Bean", Cob refers to any willing group of people who regularly meet with a purpose, in any local coffee-house of their choosing. (*Costa excluded)

Traditional Cob rituals included member aliases, which include their real name, and an alliterative prefix/suffix which is coffee-house related, replacing the coffee-house and caffeine with a club and some alcohol at least once a month, and having the designated driver veer off the road at least twice on the way home from Cob. New members are initiated with a piping hot double espresso, while members who wish to be stricken from the Council list must ingest two spoonfuls of used coffee grounds.

Founded in a small coffee-house, lost to the mists of time, in Glasgow, Scotland, Cob's have since sprung up all over the globe, reaching from the caffeine-rationing suburbs of Tokyo, to the dizzying heights of the Space Needle's Starbucks in Chicago.

Whether Cob is just a temporal fad, or whether or not it will stand the test of time, remains to be seen; we can however be certain that it will never be forgotten.
Bernie: "Tomorrow is Thursday, almost time for Cob! Time to get my "Bernie Bean" t-shirt good and ironed!"

Kevin: "I feel under-appreciated by my fellow Cobbers, they always insult my driving despite the fact that I'm the only one who can drive - oh well, I know they only mean well, and I can take a good joke."

Neil: "I, Nacho Neil, call this meeting of the Council of the Bean to order. Latte Lesley; the minutes from the last meeting, please."
#coffee #beanscene #pappin' ho #pap #thursday
by Council of the Bean June 05, 2006
Change Of Billing, when you online or over the phone change the billing adress and/or phone numbers associated with a bank account and/or a credit/debit card. Often associated with internet fraud
I cob'ed that rich guys card yesterday, its ready for ordering tomorrow.
by dgram May 06, 2004
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