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cob.....a northern term for bread roll.

cob.....something to do with corn.

cob.....a northern word for sulking. A 'cob on'

cob.....to throw something.
cobbed....to have thrown something
cobbing....to be throwing something
(speaking to sulky teenager)..."What`s wit` cob on? Has your mum made you tidy your room?"

"Come on, let`s cob some bricks through that paedo`s flat window!"
by Dr Fox May 11, 2007
A thing for holding corn
Crunch crunch mmmmm
by Tom Bowtell February 28, 2003
a racist term towards white people, red necks mainly
that cob was caught fucking his sister
by niggamyjordans July 10, 2011
An acronym which can stand for many things, but in a social setting (when drinking) it usually refers to "Champagne of Beers", or Miller High Life.

Can also stand for the metal band Children of Bodom.
Hey bro, grab me a COB...
by bill123234234 July 12, 2008
short for the cobweb left - ie those who are stuck with 19th century approaches and/or who mirror the Daily Mail in their slavish adhearence to politically correct terms above and beyond actually engaging with the real world.
You don't want to listen to his opinions, he's a real cob.

I wonder what the cobs will say about that.
by Bruise June 07, 2007
Cars on blocks.
Don't buy a house in a neighborhood where there are alot of COBS.
by justshill May 14, 2009