Close of business. Equivalent to EOD, or End of Day.
"You want it when?"
"We're a 24/7 internet company, we don't have a COB."
"Then give it to me EOD."
by SiteNook February 21, 2012
The opposite to 'corn', whereby a girl is so hot that you would happily eat the corn out of her shit. Cob is a girl that is so fucking rough that you would discard like you would a cob after eating the corn.
"Man, she is cob"
by Ed_H July 12, 2008
cob.....a northern term for bread roll.

cob.....something to do with corn.

cob.....a northern word for sulking. A 'cob on' throw something. have thrown something be throwing something
(speaking to sulky teenager)..."What`s wit` cob on? Has your mum made you tidy your room?"

"Come on, let`s cob some bricks through that paedo`s flat window!"
by Dr Fox May 11, 2007
A thing for holding corn
Crunch crunch mmmmm
by Tom Bowtell February 28, 2003
Insult, usually used towards stupid people.
Ex. You're such a cob!
by hynd December 02, 2010
Someone who is worthless, lazy, dirty and useless. Like a corn cob. Worthless and not even good enough to wipe your butt with.
Look at his yard, it is a total mess with trash and old cars. He is just too lazy to scratch his own ass. He is such a cob.
by Bluebell50 July 18, 2010
Short for Cobber. Meaning Mate or Good Friend.
" Hey cob wanna go fishing?"
by B34rdy August 05, 2009

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