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A situation in which ones undergarments are being sucked into ones anus. This will usually require going in after it by tugging on the outside of your jeans, shorts or costume. Sometimes a wiggle of the shitter will derail even the most stubborn of cobs.
Why are you picking at your anus Bill? Bill replied, "I have a cob."
by major inglish April 07, 2014
Being "in a cob" or "cobby" is being in a bad mood.
"Callum was in a right cob last night"

"From now on let's call him Cobby Cal"

"Adam wouldn't talk to anyone because he was in a cob"
by Goodnightgirl March 18, 2014
Coke (cocaine) off boners
"did you see josh last night dude?"
"...Yeah he was doing COB's left and right!"
by Higher!thanlife August 05, 2010
Derivative of the word 'cobby', a cob is an individual who shares the idiosyncratic characteristics of the cobby, however, to a lesser extent than the actual cobby himself. Cobs often specialize in one certain aspect of stereotypical cobby behavior. The main difference between a cob and the traditional cobby though, is that a cob is not necessarily a burnout, though often times they can and are percieved to be.
Person A: Dude, Les Stroud isn't a real survivor man!

Person B: Why not dude?

Person A: The fuckin guy has a survival crew 50 yards away from him that he can call whenever he wants! He prolly camps in a trailer inbetween sets and maunches down on burgers and pizza when the camera's off.

Person B: Dude... what a cob!
by annonymous burnout September 06, 2008
acronym for 'Chief of the Boat' on board submarines. Typically a useless position filled by somebody who loves dick in there mouth, and shoves sticks up there own ass for pleasure. The only real duty of a COB is to make sure cleaning is performed more than necessary and to lower crew morale during a 'bitch session', 'flame spraying', or general berating.
I was gonna go to sleep before I operated the Reactor Plant today, but that shithead COB made me go fuck myself instead.
by thekaji August 11, 2008
The opposite to 'corn', whereby a girl is so hot that you would happily eat the corn out of her shit. Cob is a girl that is so fucking rough that you would discard like you would a cob after eating the corn.
"Man, she is cob"
by Ed_H July 12, 2008
Cousins Of Beauty; Two adolescent female cousins who think they are beautiful, so they flaunt their beauty; usually pose for pictures in the exact same way for unknown reasons.

Passersby #1: "Who do those two kids think they are? They are doing modeling poses next to a major intersection!!!"

Passersby #2: "What do you think, Kyle? They are COB's!"
by Funsarah August 09, 2007