A roll of Toilet Paper.

Based on story of humans wiping with a corn cob, minus the kernels of course. May have originated in the deep south or on a rez near you.
I'm going to the store to get some cobs!

I need a cob.
by Spud__666 January 15, 2011
The cardboard tube at the center of the toilet paper roll. The word is possibly derived from the folk custom of wiping one's ass on corn husks or corn cobs, though it is uncommon to perform this operation with a cardboard cob.
My kid needed cardboard tubes for her school craft project, so we used the cobs from our toilet paper rolls.
by Mr. Weebitzy December 07, 2013
Circle Of Bosses.
Crip Over Blood.
Conductin Organize Business.
Cash Over Bitches.
Controlin Our Block.
Cartel Of Ballaz.

wordplay and set of definitions for "C.O.B." used by rapper Crooked I.
Crooked I's Hip Hop Weekly freestyle series. "Kill Us All"

ay yo COB
by Sob Rhane January 10, 2008
1950-70's word for dibs
Man 1: Cobs on the last slice of pie!
Man 2: What?
Man 1: Cobs! It means I claim that slice of pie.
Man 2: Dude, who uses that word anymore?!
by Deeshceel September 10, 2008
Crack Only Better.

The street name for Reese's Pieces. Dealers can often be found around campus. Sometimes, if you're lucky, free cob can be found in the Sam. Look next to the ice cream machine... it's there.
Yo bitch, give me some of your cob!

Oh this cob? Uh... it's for my friend, Badgett. I swear.
by TribalCobLover March 28, 2009
Being "in a cob" or "cobby" is being in a bad mood.
"Callum was in a right cob last night"

"From now on let's call him Cobby Cal"

"Adam wouldn't talk to anyone because he was in a cob"
by Goodnightgirl March 18, 2014
a highly corny person.. or an airhead(not the candy)

origin: midwest
when someone is speaking and all the people around arent interested, and wants them to be quiet.. that person speaking is a cob
by pjeJr May 05, 2012

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