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Change of Atmosphere
I've been looking at Jess' and Rohith's face all day..I need a COA!!

Coz of a certain somebody being around us, we all need a COA
by Ap89 October 25, 2013
Certificate of Authenticity. It is a holographic sticker that comes with Microsoft software (including Windows and Office) and is usually attached to the side or bottom of a computer to indicate that the software installed on the computer is genuine (not pirated).
My copy of Windows XP is genuine; I have the COA stuck to the side panel of my computer.

I bought a copy of Windows for $10 from some guy in an alley, and it didn't come with a COA. No wonder Microsoft refuses to activate it for me!
by computer_guy February 18, 2008
Chief Office Asshole

Person in charge of company money that has no idea of what he is doing. (penny wise and pound foolish)
Good morning everyone! My name is Bob and I am the CFO/COO for this company.

Excuse me Bob, but don't you mean to say you are the COA of this company?
by synsee April 08, 2011