Opposite of unco (Uncoordinated); meaning when a person/thing does something that is completely coordinated.
Wow you managed to catch that ball that was going super fast at short range? That's so Co!
by JammyPOTTER March 26, 2009
meaning "care of" or " company"
co: Ben's Bookstore


co: "name of company"


John Smith and co. = John Smith and company
by anek June 27, 2006
An abbreviation for NetDragon Websoft's MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) ConquerOnline2.0.
-I could take an hour or two for CO.
-Gotta go to play some CO.
by Tero Korhonen May 14, 2007
cover option, as in does not require a condom
"She's a hot lover and CO too!"
by Astroglider August 10, 2007
Co is what you call someone who is an idiot. Someone who is desperate for attention and popularity, hangs around, doesn't take a hint.
Co, just stfu

Hi co.
by salt n' vinegar flavour March 26, 2005

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