Wow, or cool.
Sounds like 'Koe'
'oh!' with a 'k' in front
"Dude that chick just fell!"

by luvbo April 04, 2008
Chihuahua Owner. Created because people tended to rage and break their keyboards when forced to type "chihuahua" more than once a day. Chihuahua owners tend to have a nice laugh and lots of younger siblings.
Look its CO, her dog is so cute ♥
by vibrava November 02, 2011
A shortened term for 'Counter' as in counter attack.
she is so Co-coordinated, she falls a lot
by 50% Cat August 23, 2011
The process of buyin a Carry Out from an off licence/ liqour store and then drinking it either on the street or in a house with no parents. A c.o is a much cheaper way of gettin drunk that buyin more expensive drinks inside the clubs or bars
Hey man whats the plan for tonite?
We'r gonna go get a c.o and drink it in the park before hitten the clubs
by Micky Wo December 05, 2009
abbreviation for the term "captain obvious"
"The tire is flat" says Jim. "Thanks CO!" says shane
by hankty6 July 23, 2009
Chemical formula for Caron Monoxide
Joe: Hmm, I feel dizzy. *Checks boiler* Holly shit..Hey honey! Why is the boiler acting so- *collapses on floor and stops breathing*
by CaptainWhiteyBoy December 12, 2006
meaning "care of" or " company"
co: Ben's Bookstore


co: "name of company"


John Smith and co. = John Smith and company
by anek June 27, 2006

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