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CO = carry out of alcoholic beverages
awww bies getin a wee CO before ht the night

Amy: What are use getin
Joe: Im getin a half bottle
Amy: Joe ur gonna be clean rollin on the floor
by Huff+Doback February 28, 2010
6 13
A term used to refer to a corrections officer.
Shithead CO's often turn a blind eye to jailhouse violence.
by Tim April 10, 2005
187 58
Corrections Officer, ie, Prison Guard.
The CO's put the joint on lockdown...
by Slick Willy March 18, 2005
141 48
Short term in the military for Commanding Officer.
Where can I find a CO?
by Bobby De Niro August 04, 2004
110 49
Correctional officer.

Used by inmates, and C.O.'s alike.
Aye, C.O.! Can't a mutha fucka get some mo' toilet paper?
by Alex Cuellar April 03, 2008
44 11
A shortened version of the adverb "coldly" used in hip hop culture which is often used merely as an extra syllable in hip hop lyrics and means "just" or "simply."
I was co shootin' some hoops before I went to co get ill.
by Andrew January 14, 2006
51 42
Correctional Officer. A Prison Guard. Earn around $40,000 a year.
Example:What do you call a man who failed his police test and now earns less than a mailman. A C.O

by Prison Break Addict May 05, 2007
20 15
The process of buyin a Carry Out from an off licence/ liqour store and then drinking it either on the street or in a house with no parents. A c.o is a much cheaper way of gettin drunk that buyin more expensive drinks inside the clubs or bars
Hey man whats the plan for tonite?
We'r gonna go get a c.o and drink it in the park before hitten the clubs
by Micky Wo December 05, 2009
3 3