Subtle derogatory term for people with red, orange or ginger hair with reference to Clint Eastwood's pet Orangutan in the 1978 film 'Every Which Way But Loose'.

Known for their misinformed sense of self importance, in spite of their hair colour, a Clyde may believe that they are attractive. They should only be insulted when they are heavily out numbered and the exits are clearly marked and within easy reach.

If an approach cannot be avoided it should be done with caution and direct eye contact should be avoided.

It is rumored that procreation with gingers was put forward for inclusion in the Geneva Convention as a 'crime against humanity' in 1949 but despite a majority vote in favor of this progressive law people felt it was ahead of it's time.
"I though I'd go last night because she said she was bringing some hot friends but I almost had a stroke when Clyde walked in..."

"You remind me of someone famous, have you worked with Clint Eastwood?" (This insult will fly under all but the most educated radars...)

Although always prone to aggression they are borderline unapproachable during PMS or a full moon.
by Jim Bob II November 24, 2009
A man with a kind heart, but has done some bad things in his past. He loves girlfriend (when he has one). Used to be a HUGE man-whore. Gets Lucky a lot. Names his dick. Clydes are Cute, Adorable, Brown eyes/ hair, Dangerous when messed with, caring. Has a twisted mind ;) He will act like an ass if he doesn't like you. He won't care what anyone thinks except the one he loves most. Clyde is sometimes short and he's very lovable, eventhough he won't except it.
" That boy's a clye, he got lucky last night!"

"He's sweet and cute."
"He must be a CLYDE"
by ILOVEDUCKSH December 14, 2011
Generic term for large (>200lb) Mountain Bike riders referring to an old racing bracket named after the Clydsedale horse.
If you're a Clyde you might need a bigger bike.
by Kreebog March 01, 2011
A man who drives his Bonnie fucking nuts, in a bad and a good way. Hes the biggest asshole and sweetest man I know. Handsome little badass & legit. HES ABOUT IT & if you say otherwise, you might get stabbed with a screwdriver. Lol. He's blunt and upfront. About most everything anyways ;) My BESTFUCKING FRIEND no matter what.The only man I know will always be here. Despite what rumors people spread about him, hes the loyalest person I know & protects his family. He doesn't always get it in return though. Except from his bonnie & he better recognize that! Haha he has pepperoni nipples and is very proud of mufasa ;) I hope he knows I appreciate all he does for me, and better never leave me or my stabber WON'T be broken.
Bonnie & Clyde <3
Jmfg & TONYA
by RealBonnie June 08, 2013
Someone who is a true niqqa and likes to think of himself as little bill. This guy is always trying to meet new people, but the opposite happens, people start to to talk to him because he has so much swag
You see Clyde walking
Other Guy: Little Biiiiiiiiill!!!
by NickJorge January 19, 2013
The most awesome and amazing guy you'll ever meet he is instantly friends with anyone who looks at him.
Person 1: Wow look over there!
Person 2: He's such a Clyde!
by borak olama January 04, 2015
The world's worst fantasy football commissioner. He will change rules at a whim and is probably pretty annoying in real life.
Man 1: I love playing fantasy football, my commissioner just lets us play and never gets in the way.
Man 2: I wish my league was like that, we have a total Clyde S.
Man 1: That sucks
Andrew Moyers: Hey everyone I'm here for the gay gangbang.
by Injustice League of America November 09, 2011
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