the top of the crack of the ass; the plumber's crack
Pull up your pants. Your chunch is showing!
by lulu April 18, 2005
Top Definition
A combination of a game of chess with lunch. Often a weekly endeavor.
Hey John, would you like to chunch it up as usual this Friday?
by rianus1 August 07, 2009
An outing, during which lunch is eaten and chess is played, usually involving two men.
Looks like we're one queen short of a chunch!
by RizzWizz April 14, 2010
CHUNCH is an adjective used to describe power or intensity. One definition I've heard described CHUNCH as being "like a shotgun shell fired from a handgun".
That was CHUNCH!
by Mother Chuncher November 04, 2011
The act of flossing one's teeth with the hair that is near or on the asshole of one's partner, so that the "chuncher" receives a tooth flossing and the "chunchee" receives a dingleberry removal. Because of the mouth-to-asshole proximity that is involved, a chunch is often accompanied with a friendly rimjob or an ass trumpet.
Looks like we're one queen short of a chunch!
by RizzWizz April 14, 2010
A very unattractive, undesireable female, usually grotesque in appearance and large in girth; a shoal chick.
Bill got so plastered last night. Did you see that hideous chunch he went home with? He's got the worst beer goggles ever.
by 1101011001 September 21, 2006
An affectionate name for friend, a buddy, a pal who may or may not be a little bit of a muppet but you love them for it. Based on the noise your cheeks make when pinched in an affectionate manner, similar to Chimp.
1) Victoria, you chunch you nearly took my eye out opening that bottle of wine.

2) Do you fancy going to see the latest Twilight movie later chunch?
by wordchimp November 27, 2011
a method striking someone by chopping with a closed fist.
He told me that my milkshake, in fact, did NOT bring all the boys to the yard. In response, I gave him a firm chunch to the neck.
by captain chunch April 23, 2011

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