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asian chick with a rump or a nice shaped butt. Similar to the white term "whooty".
person: "Damn did you see that chooty walk past me?"
by Oh DreDre June 21, 2010
Asian with a booty.
DAYUM! look at that chooty can she hook me up with some lo mein?
by Chootygirl5009 February 06, 2011
Ugly person..doesn't matter if male or female..just one who does not inspire good images...
"Damn man, he always brings over the f***in chooty brigade. When's he gonna get some hot girls over here?"

"Dude...that chick is hella chooty."
by Heiwuld Djablomi February 15, 2009
Scabbs in a mans "special place"
OMG you hav chooties...now im not gonna sleep with u
by kaboose April 13, 2006