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Ugly person..doesn't matter if male or female..just one who does not inspire good images...
"Damn man, he always brings over the f***in chooty brigade. When's he gonna get some hot girls over here?"

"Dude...that chick is hella chooty."
by Heiwuld Djablomi February 15, 2009
asian chick with a rump or a nice shaped butt. Similar to the white term "whooty".
person: "Damn did you see that chooty walk past me?"
by Oh DreDre June 21, 2010
Asian with a booty.
DAYUM! look at that chooty can she hook me up with some lo mein?
by Chootygirl5009 February 06, 2011
Scabbs in a mans "special place"
OMG you hav chooties...now im not gonna sleep with u
by kaboose April 13, 2006