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When you screw your lady in the ass and she has diarehha
My rod stunk and looked funny after I chilli dogged my lady
by IKE TRUMAN March 14, 2005
38 351
when you take a shit on a chicks chest and tittie fuck her
chilli dogs are damn hot
by Sairah Malawista November 15, 2004
1304 415
The act of tittyfucking a chick after giving her a Cleveland Steamer.
Stacy: "I'm hungry. I could go for a chilli dog for lunch."

Mark: "I'm there! You strip down, I'll go take some Exlax!"

Stacy: "....What?"
by Doreauxgard August 28, 2007
371 178
when you shit on a girls tits and titty fuck her
"i chilli dogrd my bitch last night"
by paul teze September 16, 2003
88 37
followes the cleavland steamer the act of titty fucking a chick after you shit on her chest
john let sally have a chilli dog
by semonster April 23, 2008
124 87
The coolest dog in the hood
Yo pit bull might be hot, but my rotweiller is the chillidog
by Ciaran Rogers June 15, 2007
19 30
When you fuck a girl in her ass. Then you maker suck your dick afterwards.
Shaniqua, that anal was the shit , but how about you suck my dick so we can make it a lagit Chilli Dog.
by Eric Parks May 31, 2004
32 47
when you perform anal and he or she shits on your dick and then turns around and sucks it.
ur girl really loved my chillidog.
by anonymous November 08, 2003
19 44