Chinese Girl I'd Like To Fuck
Mate, did you see that CHILF? She would get shagged everywhere!
by OhDannyBoy March 26, 2007
A Chilf is a small boy or girl born to a couple out of wedlock on a boozey night - i.e. never actually knowing each other, meeting while both drunk, then 9 months later - yeah you guessed it a CHILF is born!
Oh my god look at that semi compressed weaver chilf in the road!
by Dr Bradbury May 20, 2003
Like milf but with a person that has curly hair.
Look at that boy's hair... He's totally a chilf!
by TarynT August 06, 2006
Chill the fuck out. Calm down.
You need to chilf, it's not even a big deal.
by joequeen November 06, 2015
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