Child I'd Like To Fuck
'mmm that girl looks tasty'
'yer i no man, she's deffo a chilf'
by DanFace.. October 06, 2008
Top Definition
Like MILF, but with a CHild. Usually the girl in question is between 15 and 17.
Dude, let's go CHILF-hunting at the high-school hangout.
by B May 21, 2004
Child I'd Like To Fuck
Oh my God! Look at that Chilf!
- Yeah i'd tap that ass.
Totaly worth the 20 years..
by Apastar August 08, 2009
Child I'd Like To Fuck... Can refer to anyone ages 14 and below =) Kinda like a MILF
Diana is a total CHILF... I'd do her in a second!
by [Maxwell] August 19, 2007
Usually means a young girl between the ages of 18-24 that dates older men (not for money) in their early-mid forties and sometimes older.
Now that Ann is 18, she's a "chilf"
by Dash_Cam October 15, 2010
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