Acronym for Certified Head Doctor.

From the song "Some Cut" by Trillville.

Someone who is so good at giving head that it is of high standards.
My girlfriend's a PHD.

Well my girlfriend's a CHD.
by steris October 18, 2009
Top Definition
Council House Dinner. This meal comprises of food of high fat content and low nutritional value. No fresh vegetables are to be seen on the plate. A good example of a CHD is sausage rolls, waffles and tinned spaghetti hoops.
I'm going to Iceland to buy some CHD.

Not to be confused with the other CHD (Coronary Heart Disease), although ironically, most people who eat CHD will die from CHD.
by A Scoffy Egg July 30, 2011
Cock Hungry Disorder
A common condition in gay people and straight women is CHD.
by flash333 March 08, 2014
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