CH is a game term for a spell called complete heal, or anything that accomplishes the same sort of almost dead>completely full health with a different name. It's common use as a term in games like MMORPG's originated from the cleric spell "complete heal" in everquest, but it existed earlier in some muds and such. Other games like Anarchy Online have also had complete heals even though some versions of the spell went by a different name (Invocation of the Phoenix). CH order refers to the practice of stacking multiple healers on one tank and having them cast complete heal in sequence to keep the tank alive.
Healers line up on Joe, CH order is sally steve mike sam jeff, call off when you CH.
dude you rock! we would have gotten wiped if you didn't drop that CH at the end.
by t February 21, 2005
Top Definition
The 2ed smallest unit of measurement, one "cunt hair".
Move it a CH to the right and it will be perfect!
by snabald July 13, 2003
How "yes" sounds when used with a Spanish accent.

Also see jes (second definition)
"Wanna go to the arcade?"

by stop it loser February 28, 2009
CH also known as Canuckle Head, is a particular troll within the online role-play community who seems to have no life of his own other than trying to pull one over on others online. He seems to suffer from mental illness, perhaps even bi-polar disorder; as he has frequently demonstrated abrupt bouts of anger of the simplest of things. CH is also a compulsive liar, and will manipulate those gullible enough to believe his lies in order to gain sympathy. Besides being a compulsive liar, he is also a compulsive pervert, who has no sense of personal boundaries and will lewdly pursue any female that catches his eye to the near point of being a pest, and when turned down thus makes the woman in question out to be the bad-guy.
"Oh god, you're being a real CH right now"
by NessaCat April 11, 2013
The spanglish word for Chest, as in the anterior of a human body where the sternum attaches to teh ribcage
I got a pain in my I can breave
by Falcon157 August 04, 2009
to unexpectedly and mysteriously embark on a journey of self-exploration and descent while leaving friends and comrades left to speculate.

to "pull a ches"


to flunk out.
Wow... that vomit covered monster with twigs in his hear really pulled a ches.
by french broad September 06, 2008
a sound of disbelief, commonly used by LEAP students.
Riley: "Ch, what's up Danni?"
Danni: "Ch, nothing."

Dylan: "Ch, dragons!"
by Boier May 26, 2009
A type of person who is funny and deecent, chill, sexy and cool.
Dude what a Ches
by ChesUknow April 13, 2011
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