It stands for completely destroyed vagina.
Man, I cdv'd that girl the other day. Her junk is destroyed. She won't be calling back for days.
by DrayC November 16, 2010
Top Definition
CARA DE VERGA (spanish for dick face)
Ese guey es un CDV (That guy is such a dick face)
by Wobadit September 30, 2011
Come Down Victim- a state of hopelessness filled with fatigue and regret usually the final outcome of a large drug binge.
"Yeah , John s a CDV for sure after that wild party last night."
by azee March 08, 2007
It means "see above". The evolution goes like this: see above >> see bove >> c buv >> c duv >> cdv.
red: then i pwned her with a stick
red: cuz she was being a bitch
blue: why did you do that?
red: cdv
by da_merv January 26, 2009
German Roaches
cdv needs to be stepped on for frelling up many good games and screwing up the Breed demo.
by 101 December 07, 2003
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