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1. Abbreviation for "Chat Chicks United". An organisation that houses some of the chattest chicks in the world.

2. Name given to someone who either is related to and/or is a CCU.

3. Abbreviation for "Casual Clothing United". A non popular clothing brand name created by a baby in class.
1. "RUN MAN! I see a CCU!"
2. "Dude, that guy is such a CCU."
3. "I would wear CCU anyday."
by CCU Exterminator October 21, 2010

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Text lingo- Currently cracking up. Everyone is sick of laughing out loud.
Person A texts something "funny"
Person B responds with "CCU"

Basically, wherever you would use "LOL"
by Kay_Lynn May 09, 2011
same as Cupcake University, just an acronym, used in texting
the "schooled almost always are unaware they have been taken down. Mostly used for ignorant people.
" man, she took him to ccu, and he had no idea"
by yellowbronco September 24, 2011
Actually stands for "Critical Care Unit", along the same lines of ICU.
My dad spent three months in the CCU.
by mtjoe November 06, 2010
An abriviation for Cross Country Underground: the under world of cross country; only possible to join if you you can break 18:00 in a 5k with out being a d-bag, or you have blood relations to a previous member and your cool.
Hey are you in the CCU?
What is that?
So your a member?
by philip winker November 05, 2010
Civilian Combat Uniform
Soldier 1: Look, who do we have here?
Soldier 2: A man in CCU.
by lolanonlol March 10, 2010