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Component Concepts Inc.: Started in 1979 to assist in product design and manufacturing. In 1987, it released the Phantom, which is one of the greatest paintball markers in existance. Has a reputation for amazing customer service.
The owner of the company is Mike Cassedy
CCI owns you... and your dog.
by anonymous September 11, 2005
10 4
Constant Checking In Syndrome or CCIS is where there is always one person in your facebook friends list who checks in everywhere they go
Person 1: Johnny is at that new nightclub in town
Person 2: What a twat he has CCIS
by JimTweed65 January 22, 2012
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Carefully Crafted Image - A term used for guys that say and do ALL the right things in pursuit of the poontang.
His CCI was obvious when he walked in the room and said "Hey Ladies" in a debonair voice.
by Enjoy46 March 29, 2003
2 9
AIM's cotton candy icon that chika used to have.
AIM's cotton candy icon!
by someone December 10, 2004
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