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Morbidly obese pitcher for the New York Yankees.
CC Sabathia tried to eat the rosin bag because he thought it was filled with powdered sugar.
by iamadacheat November 09, 2010
The Yankees ace, he signed with them over the 2008-2009 off season. Go CC.
CC Sabathia just pitched a complete game.
by JN62 January 01, 2009
A sell out and the most over-rated pitcher in modern day baseball. Overweight and for the most part has underwhelming stuff. Like many Yankees he signed a rediculous contract that, if the Yankees didn't have an owner with stupid money, would regret in 3 years after it becomes obvious Sabathia has almost no talent at all.
Did you hear. CC Sabathias ERA this season is 4.14

That's rediculous doesn't he make 24 million a year.

Yeah well the Yankees overpay everyone, even Brett Gardner.
by Dongbert June 05, 2010