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realting to a crow much better than moo
caw caw said the crow
by hilary May 02, 2003
5 13
Having a abnormally small male sexual appendage. Will often be used in a contradictory way.
Guy: "So Jake has caw?"

Other guy: "Yeah, he's got so much caw it's spilling out of his pants."

by Cody "the hot" Dill October 11, 2007
9 18
Derived from a Marine Corps term knows as "shitbird". This is a person who is worthless, nasty and an overall dissapointment to the world. "Caw" is the sound a shitbird would make.
"CAW bitch", Sam said to JJ when he walked in to work.
by Fatty JJ September 14, 2005
9 18
This is a word that describes cheap wine.
aka: Cheap A$$ Wine... 2 Buck Chuck, Boones Farm, Ripple or any other wine that a person hides in a brown wrapper when they are drinking.
I picked up a couple of bottles of caw to set the mood for the evening.
This wine is designed for those with only loose change to spend when they have spent all the rest of the money on the whore they picked up to share a bottle of CAW with.
When panhandling didn't produce enough to by a bottle of Crystal... the Liq store has a nice bottle of CAW to tide you over until tomorrow when you pick out a new corner and find some new cardboard for another sign.
by Miles Kaplan August 07, 2005
1 11
Group that is agaisnt WSM who has absolutly no point in life and should put an electric drill through there penises
Everyone in CAW is a fucking retard
by ~WSM~Underøath May 02, 2005
3 13
cuz, because
u do whatevR u wanna, caw no1 can tell u what 2 do
by unknown November 17, 2003
2 12