To call a large bet in a live poker game, often with marginal holdings. Derived from both how the word "call" sounds when pronounced with a heavy Asian accent, as well as stereotype that such Asian poker players have a propensity for such "hero calls."
Kenny Tran: "You got dem pocket sevens? I CAW YOU!"
by BBV4LYFE November 22, 2007
A internet fad. People use wreslting games such as: WWE Day of Reckoning, Smackdown VS Raw, or Wrestle Mania 21 to put on a fantasy wrestling show. These shows usually use CAW (created a wrestler) rather than the superstars in the game. The most well known CAW show was NODQ CAW, and Slam N' Jam.
CAW shows are teh hottness.
by RyanCUOwner October 02, 2005
New Orleans word for car
Let's take a ride on the street caw
by Beau "The Goat" May 14, 2003
crazy ass week
Joe: Hey man, what happened last week?
Bob: You went to a party every night and got totally wasted.
Joe: Haha really, that must of been a CAW
by kic247 June 12, 2010
1. A person who has an incredibly small penis.
2. A person who acts in a manner that implies that they have an incredibly small penis.
3. As a general insult.
1. Caroline: You think your husband has a small penis? You should see my boyfriend, Johnny. That guy has caw.
2. "Wait, that hot girl was all over her and you turned her down? Dude, you have caw."
3. "Congratulations, I here you were nominated to the U.S. Senate Sub-committee on Caw"
by Captainmodest July 17, 2006
Usually the sound associated with hawkin, chicken hawkin or swooping; Sound made by one to indicate that he (or she) intends on swooping. (Usually sounded off in pairs)
Frank straight said "Caw! Caw!" to John before he swooped in on Cecilia.
by marc ipsen October 07, 2004
realting to a crow much better than moo
caw caw said the crow
by hilary May 02, 2003

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