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said in northern ireland as a heckle you shout when you see a hot girl.

the longer the 'caw' the hottor the girl.
"mate, over ther caw caw"

"fucking right CAWWWWWWWW"


"hey babe ur a fuckin babe caww caww"
by buckfast makes ya fuckfasrt February 26, 2009
The best way to get people's attention is to CAW like a bird at them.
A noise that pops into people's heads when they are bored and happen to know people who like to caw.
"Dude, it was so weird! This girl walked into my class and cawed at me, then just left!"
by PaniAnna February 04, 2010
1. (Incorrect) A Jamaican "swear word" used to cover up profanity.

2. (Verb) The noise a bird flying overseas makes. Typically precedes a nice little stinky turd landing on your head if you don't watch out for the passing seagull

3. (Slang) A random noise a person makes to attract pointless attention; to break the ice.
1. StudentInClass1: *CAW* this piece of *CAWWWWWWWW*!

Teacher: Shut up, Steve! Go to detention!

2. Seagull: Caw, caw! -Releases a turd onto a fisher man-
Fisherman: Fuck! Stupid bird shit landed on my head, Mark!
Mark: \o/ (LOL)

3. RandomNoobOnMySpace: CAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! G3t this m3ss@ge t@ 5 of ur homeboyz n gurlzzzzzzzz ta get 5 mil!!!!!1eleven1!!
LiteratePersonOnMySpace: Get the *FUCK* off the Internet!
by Jabba Tiure October 11, 2009
the word caw is a kevinized slang term used in place of words such as good or cool
person 1: yo wus caw
person 2: wus caw ma nigga
by Yari1412 November 30, 2011
To call a large bet in a live poker game, often with marginal holdings. Derived from both how the word "call" sounds when pronounced with a heavy Asian accent, as well as stereotype that such Asian poker players have a propensity for such "hero calls."
Kenny Tran: "You got dem pocket sevens? I CAW YOU!"
by BBV4LYFE November 22, 2007
A internet fad. People use wreslting games such as: WWE Day of Reckoning, Smackdown VS Raw, or Wrestle Mania 21 to put on a fantasy wrestling show. These shows usually use CAW (created a wrestler) rather than the superstars in the game. The most well known CAW show was NODQ CAW, and Slam N' Jam.
CAW shows are teh hottness.
by RyanCUOwner October 02, 2005
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