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The perception that one has the ability to accurately measure lengths or angles without using a measurement device. Individuals possessing this talent also report dimensions as fact – as if they had used a calibrated mechanism, when in fact they only recklessly approximated it with their eyes.

CATIA is an acronym for Computer-Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application - a commonly used CAD/CAM software package for product design.
Rick (on the phone): “Danielle! There’s an interference between the widget and the doodad! The doodad’s impaling the widget by 15.2 mm! You need to fix it before your name’s added to the list!”

Danielle (mutes the phone and says to Tom): “Yeah, right, it’s probably only 2 mm; he’s using his CATIA eyes again!”
by EtoileRouge October 19, 2005
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