Childish As Fuck
Man, you are acting CAF right now!
by stahlbal September 10, 2010
A cafeteria.

An eating establishment, normally associated with a large institution or company.
Todays' special at the Caf made me vom.
by Royal T April 27, 2005
An acronym which stands for "Cute Asian Face."
Guy: Yo. 'Sup?
Girl: Nothing much.
Guy: Did you know you have a CAF?
Girl: A what?
Guy: A Cute Asian Face!
by silly aardvark November 09, 2008
CAF-Chill As Fuck (noun) Ultimate state of Chill, an example of something going just right. People, places, and things can all be CAF. Only the most easy going and level headed people can be classified as CAF. Those who are NOT CAF can not co-exist witht hose who have learned the art of CAF.
"Dude that party last night was totally CAF."

"To get girls man, all you gotta do is be CAF"
by Sloan [CAF] October 09, 2007
Chicks are fucked. Used when a female demonstrates how much they can make life a real pain in the ass.
A: And then she told me that she couldn't suck it because she was considering the convent.

by Bengo April 06, 2006

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