Acronym: Classy As Fuck-

A state of being or a description of a group of activites that one can participate in that are normally only reserved for royalty and the wealthy.
1.) Lewis: Hey mayne what are you doing tonight?

T-Pain: Eh I don't know bro, but were definitely getting CAF.

2.) Lauren: "Kimmie, why are you eating like that, that is totally not CAF!"

3.) Reamsicle: "O! FT-Squared, Where were you last night? That party was CAF. Wine was flowing and there were even finger foods!
by t-pleazy March 12, 2010
Top Definition
crispy as f#@k; the state of being so absurdly baller that you surpass any level of baller that another baller may be
mike jones was the definition of CAF in 2004
by Angigolo December 13, 2010
Chill As Fuck.
Today was so caf... Me and my bros went to a scenic park, ripped a few bowls, and chilled.
by cafbrochill August 28, 2010
classy as fuck.
Bro: Did you hear about that woman who opened up the sandwich shop?
Nad: Yeah Bro, I hear she's caf.
by classyhipster69 June 01, 2011
chill as fuck. as in a total bro, or some random stranger who saves your ass big time.
yo, that cop was CAF, if he wasn't, we would've definitely been busted for open container. damn we got lucky.
by anonymousman123321chill June 07, 2011
Stands for Classy As Fuck. Basically, the new yolo. But better. Mainly used Ironically.
"man, you should have seen me at the wedding, totally caf."

"ducky pajamas, totally caf."

"hahah oh god, that hole in your pants, caf."
by Totescaf September 04, 2012
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