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C.O.G.A. = Collection Of Great Association.

Typically used in the Japanese American heritage. And the term C.O.G.A. is greatly used in the following example.
#1 - WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!? You and your STUPID C.O.G.A.'S!


#2 - I made MILLIONS because of C.O.G.A.!
by POWER12 May 03, 2011
Chafing Of Groin Area.

Often occurs when shorts are too short or jeans are too tight in the crotch/hip/upper-leg region.

Prevention: Purchasing shorts or jeans that aren't one size to small.

Cure: Sweat pants; Baby powder; Lotion.

*Severe cases may cause irritated red, dry skin imprinted from seam lines and pockets.
Susie: "After swimming in my size double zero daisy dukes and walking a mile through the field, that Coga really started getting the best of me."
Jenna: "That's why I brought my bikini and a pair of sweat pants."

Will: "I wore a pair of girls' jeans today and that Coga was kicking my ass!"
Nathan: "That's why I shop in the men's department."
by Elliot.p.Gartucci June 23, 2011
When two people fart at the same time in an enclosed space, each trying to blame the other.
Wait for the next elevator, there is some serious cogas going on in there.
by Scotty Duel March 10, 2011
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