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Curly headed fucks are the hardest core of the hard core. They don't give any fucks whatsoever and they are the worst example for your children. They do whatever the fuck they want and don't give a fuck about it. If you ever see a CHF in their natural habitat, don't fuck with them, cause they'll fuck yo shit up. Fuck yo swag!

CHF's are also known for their interest in doing nothing. They are quite sloth-like and will most likely not react to anything that would usually induce a scream or a jump.
Chill, yo.

Curley headed fucks don't give a fuck fuck black bitches skate all day.
"Did you see those CHF'S?"
"Yeah, dude, don't mess with them... I want to live."

by CHF's of RMEC November 01, 2011
Curly-Headed Fuck- someone that has curly hair. usually a jew-fro
Tim is such a jew. hes a CHF
by Dj ILL Will 14 June 09, 2011
Coffee House Fag
That coffee shop is always filled with tons of hipsters and CHF's!
by lesoldham April 04, 2013
The symbol for the currency Swiss Francs. CHF stands for Confederation Helvetica Franc. The Swiss equivalent of "cents" is Rappen. One Swiss Franc is roughly equivalent to the US dollar.
A small Starbucks mocha costs 6.40 CHF. Fuck Swiss prices!
by Anonymoose3141593 February 13, 2011
CHF: Curley Haired Fag a.k.a. Beef Patty Fatty Latty. this FAG acts as though he is vastly more intellegent then anyone around him, he quits everything after he loses or fucks up which happens quite often and he is known to be spotted around anything involving Russia espeacially Russian Lesbeans
"god i hate this game I cant make a deck worth shit" a qoute from C.H.F. after he lost a game of Magic: The Gathering
by Yer Mudder March 01, 2007
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