Being beaten at baseball by the Boston Red Sox.
The Yankees got Bwned in the last ALCS.
by Captain Asshat April 25, 2005
Top Definition
Another variation of owned/pwned, but more specifically to being owned in a sexual manner, posing similarity to the word boned.
Charlemagne: Shit man, look at Bob, he's getting ass-raped by that gorilla! Owned!
Roger: No man, he's getting BWNED!
by Taibhs Nithrac July 21, 2006
Bwned is another variation on "Owned" or "Pwned". The lower half of the B is often mistaken for an o, as in "owned".
Dood! 1 Bwned h1/\/\ w1t my l337 h4x!!!1ELEVEN!


Dude! I owned him with my elite hacks!
by Paul Tomic October 18, 2004
To get pwned/owned in a sexual manner, and as a result, pronounced "Boned".
Varying forms include: Bwn, Bwnt, Bwned, and Bwnd.
1337 p14y3r: H3y n00b l3t'5 pl4y mg0 n40 1v1!!!!!1
Me: Kk. I'll bwn you.
1337 p14y3r: 0'r1y!!!!11

*5 minutes later*

Me: You got bwned, b1sh.
1337 p14y3r: QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ
by blooblaBLEEBLABLABLOOOOOP April 19, 2009
Being Severely owned in the butt. Usually a big black man named Paul will ass rape you while screaming BWNED BWNED BWNED BWNED.

Bwned is a member of the owned series
yo, look, this man is being BWNED!!!
by Cliff Daddy February 24, 2005
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