If something is good or exceptional in the town of Burnley (I don't know about any other place) then it has to be nothing but buzzin! It's a word used by townies that usually say it either if they are listening to dance music or if they have been smoking weed, popping pills or indeed talking about the night before when they got chased by the police for egging someones car or something!
O man yea i ad a well buzzin nite down town. went into paradise n listenin 2 dese well buzzin tunes man innit!

Got chased by t'cops last nite rite coz i proper whizzed this egg at this car n dese coppers chased me man innit it were well buzzin!

take one of these pills man it meks ya feel buzzin!
by Buzzin bad boy October 25, 2004
Top Definition
Really happy
Im proper buzzin.
by Andy March 12, 2004
a word used to describe being high on pills such as ecstasy.
Somebody who is buzzin is usually in a trance like state with expanded spiritual awareness, visions and absolute euphoria.
Often sweating due to increased physical activity usually in the form of dancing.
"These pills are fucking amazing i am proper buzzin"
by Jamzy March 09, 2008
to be really happy or slang for when someone is on something i.e pills, speed
boy: aww bless her shes well buzzin after reading that valentines card!!

girl: lok at him hes well buzzin!

boy: no shit hes on 5 pills!
by xxwhiteyxx April 23, 2006
A word commonly used by chavs to emphasise how good something is. Usually yelled out to a terrible mod-ed car or if somebody has a bottle of blue WKD.
Wayne: Look, Terrie Sue, I got a bottle of blue WKD

Terrie Sue: Buzzin'!
by ArfenZard November 13, 2005
The blood way of saying Cousin, or Cuzzin. Not always meaning a relative; also can be used to describe someone as a friend.
Yooo buzzin, where you at bai ?

Who Raymond? Yeah, thats my buzzin.
by @Legalize_Banks April 01, 2010
Drunk or high and hanging all over someone.
Nikki was buzzin' all over this ugly guy. She wouldn't do that if she was sober.
by leslie_123 August 02, 2008
Also used by the less able minded of us (charvers), this time it is used when they are happy, extatic even.....or they have taken druge, either way it works
1)Oh yah, i got 40 tabs im buzzin;

2)Oh hes buzzin on XTC
by Hormoaning October 17, 2003
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