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When someone passes out, flat on their back from too much drink or drug and a friend stands over them, pulls their pants down and proceeds to ride the unconscious person's nose with the crack of their ass. Loud buzz saw noises must be made while performing this action.

It's quite a sight to behold.
I've never had a 'Buzz Saw' but I sure have witnessed many.
Dean 'Buzz Sawed' that guys face like a jack rabbit!
by Sean Cookson August 29, 2006
n. A rather butch, or manish young woman that tries to be friendly or funny, but only succeeds in being annoying. Typically, a group of people making fun of a buzzsaw will warn each other of her arrival by making a buzzing sound. The phrase, "Sun's out, guns out" may also be entoned in such a situation.

The word may also be used as a proper noun if only one such young woman is typically ever referenced.
"If you hadn't told me, I would have mistaken that buzzsaw for an annoying man"
"Can you believe what Buzzsaw said in class today?"
by KP July 14, 2004
First you have to be completely naked. The naked subject takes or has someone else take an electric clipper, and "buzzes" their asshole. Some completely stuff it in their asshole but some merely shave their asshole hair.
The faggot gave his "friend" a buzzsaw
by Mike DeMonstrio August 25, 2006
A shot in beer hockey when the quarter pierces the can causing the beer to flow out of the can and onto the table.
Kenny was the first to ever Buzzsaw a can.

After the buzzsaw Jay was forced to bic his head.
by Fellowship August 16, 2006
The act of swiftly moving one's finger in and out of a vagina or anus.
"Those strippers were flashing their pussies at me all night"

"Yeah, I even gave one of them a buzzsaw"
by Eddie Bell May 07, 2008
a haircut where you shave the sides of your head
David Michael: "May I have a buzz saw?"
Watson: "Want some tools?"
David Michael: "No! A buzz saw. It's a haircut. All the guys in school have them!"
Sam: "They shave the sides of their heads".
Elizabeth: "Oh. Then, no, you may not get a buzz saw".
David Michael: "My friends think I'm a baby! I'm not cool!"
by Karen Stickney February 09, 2008
(V.) To cut or split apart something to make it easier to understand. See Dissect.
If you watch VH1's Hilarious News Show Best Week Ever, you'll see how they Bzzsaw down the major events of the previous week into something you may actually enjoy watching.
by G-Union February 21, 2004
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