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Buuddy means a buddy!! u know like ur best buddy! or in other words...ur best friend!!
me (Laura) and my best buuddy (Krystle) heard this commercial one time and there was little girl who kept saying...
"ur my best friend, ur my best friend..." and we thought it was so funny!! we, as best buuddies, always laugh about it...
so if u and ur best buuddy want to take it from those of us who have experience w/ the best buuddy organization (w/e) and act silly all the time and talk about Spongebob 24/7 and if u want all of ur current other friends to ditch u and ignore u and hate u and think that ur really weird...then come join us and we can be weird together!!!
but first before u can do any of this...
u MUST contact Oberg for correct usage of this word and pronunciation...because you just wouldn't understand the meaning of the word completely w/o talking to the original creator of the word, Mr. Oberg!!
ok..well goodbye all u buuddies out there!!
by Laura (and Krystle) March 25, 2004
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