When one's butt becomes a slave to another person for pleasure, punishment, or scientific research.
Bryan was happy he was home so that he could become a butt slave to every man in town.
#butt-slave #but slave #butt slavee #butt sex #slave butt #slave but
by warlord1 June 27, 2010
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Top Definition
A person who is merely used as a sex object. See also: bitch, fucktoy
"I will make you my personal Buttslave!"
"I will not be your Buttslave anymore."
by Emevas April 07, 2005
a person that follows another person around (the person doing the following is the butt slave) and gives the person being followed anything they want especially sexual favours, like butt fucking.
sam is such a butt slave to tim
#fag #slave #douche #ass #buttfuck
by totalltruestory September 21, 2006
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