A woman that has a nice ass, body, and face but has herpes or wart on her lip
Lindsey would be able to have any man she wanted if only she weren't a butterlip

Eric - "Hey, Dave doesnt that girl look fine?"

Dave - "Yup, oh wait, think again she's a butterlip"
#butterface #herpes #face #whore #nasty
by Big Booty Bitches Lover May 27, 2010
Top Definition
a girl who enjoys the pleasant act of having butter (male cum) on, around, near her lips. she never denies any oppertunity to have her lips buttered
I heard that girl was a butter lips.

Really? Damn, I hope she lets me butter them!
#butter #lips #blowjob #cum #sperm #suckjob
by nigaah September 03, 2011
At derogative term for a dog who drops a ball or frisbee when playing catch or fetch.
Aaaah come on butter lips! Catch the darn ball!

If your lips touched it, you should have caught it... butter lips...
#slippery #drop the ball #dog #pet #drop a ball #catch #fetch #frisbee
by NiftyMonkey October 04, 2010
when a person is gorgeous and you know you want them, until you hear them start talking, and he/she is a complete idiot/bigot/anything that is a total mood kill
I wanted to tap the guy in the corner until he said GW Bush was the second messiah. Boy's got butter lips.
#butter #lips #gorgeous #tap #intelligent
by beenoverit June 08, 2011
Someone whose lips are like butter and let everything slide in reeeeeaaaalll nice.
Man, that guy sucking my cock last night was a real butter lip. I might have to go gay after all.
#butter #lip #buter #lep #cocksucker
by ProfoundGlee February 26, 2010
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