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a girl who enjoys the pleasant act of having butter (male cum) on, around, near her lips. she never denies any oppertunity to have her lips buttered
I heard that girl was a butter lips.

Really? Damn, I hope she lets me butter them!
by nigaah September 03, 2011
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At derogative term for a dog who drops a ball or frisbee when playing catch or fetch.
Aaaah come on butter lips! Catch the darn ball!

If your lips touched it, you should have caught it... butter lips...
by NiftyMonkey October 04, 2010
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when a person is gorgeous and you know you want them, until you hear them start talking, and he/she is a complete idiot/bigot/anything that is a total mood kill
I wanted to tap the guy in the corner until he said GW Bush was the second messiah. Boy's got butter lips.
by beenoverit June 08, 2011
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Someone whose lips are like butter and let everything slide in reeeeeaaaalll nice.
Man, that guy sucking my cock last night was a real butter lip. I might have to go gay after all.
by ProfoundGlee February 26, 2010
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A woman that has a nice ass, body, and face but has herpes or wart on her lip
Lindsey would be able to have any man she wanted if only she weren't a butterlip

Eric - "Hey, Dave doesnt that girl look fine?"

Dave - "Yup, oh wait, think again she's a butterlip"
by Big Booty Bitches Lover May 27, 2010
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