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Being butthurt means being aggravated, pissed off, or bugged over something completely trivial. Usually when people are butthurt they are really dramatic about it. Most people like to laugh at or even mock the annoyance of butthurt people because their reasoning for being so butthurt is ridiculously stupid.
Guy 1: Typical Chandler is butthurt again about us drinking one of his beers and hiding his bike.

Guy 2: Yeah, he was really butthurt last night when he lost beer pong and I called him a little bitch.
Guy 1: When will Chandler ever learn to take a joke?

Guy 2: Who cares? Its funny.
by The Master of Everything May 07, 2013
When someones gets upset over an action carried out by a person or words another person said.

Sometimes mistakenly used for the feeling that you have after getting butt raped(not correct)
Girl: "Don't get so butt hurt about it Mrs. French."

Mrs. French: " I know that means like after you get butt raped."

Girl: " You really shouldn't have said that, you sound dumb."
by *6809* January 27, 2011
To bitch an moan. Complain of ones sickness or injury.
My finger hurts from sticking it up my anus freshman year!

This is being butthurt
by exavior Nunez June 23, 2014
Butt-Hurt - (v., adj. buht-hurt)
1. to disturb mentally or emotionally; perturb
2. to become upset
3. to disturb physically
1. distressed; disturbed
1. an upsetting or instance of being upset
She got butt hurt on our trip to KC.
Ben butt hurt Nicole with his verbal genius.
She had a butt hurt ego.
The butt hurt of Kim is legendary.
by HTTMachine May 26, 2010
sad, depressed, complaining, or mad.
i am so butt-hurt that Susy dumped me.
by spencer guise March 29, 2007
When Some Lifeless Prick Cant Get Over Something Simple.
Whitney is so butt hurt over the fact thats shes ugly, she should just get over it
by Mac Dre for lifffe November 24, 2010
To be upset. To have your feelings hurt. Distraught
Nate: Man, I can't believe the Cincinnati Bengals suck so bad.
Shaun: Yeah, I would be butt hurt to if I was a fan
by S. Havlin EAP January 04, 2010
Butthurt 1: Being passive aggressive, silent, awkward, mad, raging, usually done all at the same time. Doing something causing someone to get mad then becoming quiet and ignoring you.

Butthurt 2: Being limp, in pain, need crutches. Having such hardcore butt sex that you walk limp for a week and a half.
1: Cheryl ask you out on a date, you say "Yes." You then decide to not go. Cheryl then becomes butthurt.

2: You and your gay buds had hardcore butt sex. The next day your butt was hurting aka butthurt.
by Senior Rams January 17, 2013