Slang for the drug "Jenkem"
Jenkem is the fermentation of raw sewage, the user will then capture and inhale the gas created during the fermentation process.
(Dude 1)~ Dude lets do some Butthash!
(Dude 2)~ Whats Butthash?
(Dude 1)~ We take all our crap and piss and put it in a jar cover it with a balloon, once the balloon is full we suck the air out and get high as shit.
(Dude 2)~ Sweet
#fruit from crack pipe #winnie #shit #runners #waste #might
by granz November 05, 2007
Top Definition
The slang term teens use to identify a drug called Jenkem; a gas that is inhaled from fermented urine and feces.
I wonder how many Totseans will be trying Butt Hash while the servers are down...
#butt hash #butthash #jenkem #pickwick #totse #drugs #shit #piss #feces #urine
by fatkitty420 November 13, 2007
Another word for jenkem. AKA when you put your shit and urine into a bottle, put a balloon over the top, and leave it out for a couple of days, then sniff the fumes. From your shit-urine. They claim once sniffing, you pass out, wake up, and can talk to dead people.

1: Let's do butthash!
2: No.
#ass crack #jenkem #dope #drugs #junkies
by The Knowledge. November 17, 2007
Some dumb kid that cant afford real drugs will poop in a bottle or jar and then fit a balloon over the jar. After gases fill the balloon, the dumb kid inhales and has hallucinations for 10 or 20 minutes. AKA: Jenkins, Fruit from Crack Pipe.
You could tell that kid did the butt hash because his breath smelled like my dogs after a backyard dookie snack!
#poop #hash #jenkins #crack #butt
by Skajaquada November 07, 2007
Huffing the methane that comes from placing ones own fecal matter in a tube and letting the methane be created.
Dude, You have any butt hash?
#jenkem #totse #poop #sewage #sniffing
by drprozzak October 29, 2007
a new inhalant that kids are using. first shit in a bottle then add urine, place a ballon over the mouth of the bottle, the mixture releases gas into the ballon. Pull ballon off bottle and inhale deeply. The result produces disassociative even hallucinagenic effects.
forget about sniffing glue bro, lets huff some butt hash.
#junta #screaming eagle #hardcore #shit steam #anal gas
by Tommy outlaw November 07, 2007
A narcotic drug that origionated in africa; The methane created in a balloon placed over a bottle filled with urine and feces,(crap) that has fermented for 2 to 3 days. The results of which are the same as cocain except you halucinate.
"Where all the butt hash at?"
A man checks under his mattress.

"Dude, I'm all out."
#jankum #butt hash #jankums #butt hashs #jank
by Bill Valeng December 02, 2007
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