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A couple licking each others asses simultaneously.
My fiancee and I love to BUTT HOLE 69.
A couple, One laying down with his or her legs up and the other sitting on face,Leaning forward lick the opposites asshole.
by Desecrate Me July 02, 2009
14 7
The sexual act of two people licking one another's assholes; considered to be physically impossilbe.
Jim tried to perform the butthole 69 position with Jenny, but ended up snapping his neck in the proccess
by mafioso March 23, 2003
58 17
Only capaple of performace when you have an artificial neck.
I bent my artificial-neck backwards and we butthole-69ed til the blood rushed into my brain.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 23, 2003
20 16