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A device, generally electric powered, that assists one in excavating/evacuating feces from the rectum. Most models come with a hose and a number of adapters to fit various anal openings. Commercial Series models are found at some rest stops along Interstates to aid constipated travelers.
"All that bran got my colon pretty backed up - Damn good thing I had my Butt Pump to suck out all that hard, stuck crap."
#constipation #clogged asshole #can't shit #rectal blockage #stuck shitter
by Harvey B. January 20, 2009
Butt pump/pumping is the action that takes place during anal sex.
Lemmie give you a good hard butt pump baby!
by Carl August 28, 2003
A person that will be considered a complete douche bag, walks the earth without a clue about anything. Never gets a head in life and never will. Just a notch above Retarded and always screwing things up no matter how many times it is explained.
Mike Loader is such a Butt-Pump...

Listen what this Butt-Pump did now...

That Butt-Pump did it again! I can't believe it!
#idiot #dumb ass #douche bag #moron #stupid
by CD nuts October 07, 2005
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