A reletively unknown indigenous art of wooing the undivided attention of multiple members ( 10 or more) of the opposite sex whilst having absolutely no success in capturing a prize.
Where has Joel gone???? He has gone to Bustra Move!
by the 'ork' July 25, 2004
Top Definition
Bustra Move is used when a guy is tuning/stringing along multiple girls at once with no success.
Have you seen Joel lately, he's laying down the bustra move.
by Whiteo July 22, 2004
"Bustra Move" originated back in the dream time, it was commonly known as preferably a black man. Uterly tuning the ladies in the smoothest way possible.
"Hey Babe, how you doing" Joel, what have you done with all the ladies, you've left none for us
by Joel Busstra July 27, 2004
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