The clothing company that is a main advertiser on the Urban Dictionary website.

Chances are, a BustedTees ad may be on the page you're viewing right now.
"BustedTees is advertised all over Urban Dictionary!"
by Jimbomb April 07, 2007
a t-shirt company that is hated by many urban dictionary goers.
the red headed chick from busted tees is hot.
by mike stacy March 08, 2007
the annoying adds on they have very hot girls with their tees on and have very stupid jokes
-on one of bustedtees adds
a beer bottle an a pack of cigs, caption reads "BFF"
yea real funny...
by divine maddog January 24, 2009
hot girls, stuuuuupid t shirts.
I AM A BLACK MAN busted tees
by Titsy McHard July 24, 2008
A brand of t-shirt only meant for busty women, who like their t-shirt to be busted in public view.
The origin of the name is from a very old incident. Once upon a time, a busty woman wore this shirt(very cheap) and her tees got busted and boobies were out. From then onwards, the brand was renamed to bustedtees.
Yesterday she wore a Bustedtees and guess what happened!! Her mellons were out with full view in the pub.
by Dicky Tom June 26, 2010
A Really Annoying Advertizement that is always popping up on Urban Dictionary!
Busted Tees = Fail for a advertisement
by Seagulls Of Santa!!! August 12, 2008
A T-shirt company that tends to advertise primarly on UrbanDictionary. Their shirts tend to have witty and funny jokes printed on them.
My favorite Busted Tees shirt is "Wyoming, who cares?"
by Aquilogram April 28, 2007

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