A company that uses hot teenagers, some wearing thongs, to sell t-shirts

<---look over there<--- I bet there is that girl who has that light blue shirt on that says "more cowbell" and a black thong.
Kid A: "Did you see that new 'Busted Tees' girl?"
Kid B: "Yep. I masturbated to her last night."
Kid A: "Oh, I masturbated to you."
Kid B: "Dude you're gross!"
by Ur Mom! February 11, 2006
A company who's ads are often found on urbandictionary.com of women wearing cheap t-shirts with the most unfunny slogans printed on them. Their models are usually braless to help boost sales, presumably.
That bustedtees model had such distractingly pointy nipples, I don't even remember which fucktarded slogan was on the shirt.
by rabbitramsheeppig August 18, 2008
A t-shirt company advertising on Urban Dictionary. The slogans on the shirts are silly, but it is worth noting that they are SUPPOSED to be. They might as well make a shirt that says:

"I know this shirt is stupid, you don't have to tell me".

Apparently lots of people don't like the shirts at all. See example:
Jim: Hey Joe, where did you get that silly silly shirt?
Joe: From busted tees, a website advertised on Urban Dictionary.
Jim: oh! What's Urban Dictionary?
Joe: It's this website that has definitions of the parts of language not found in real dictionaries, or, "slang".
Jim: That's stupid, so is your shirt.
Joe: yeah, that's the point, dickwad.
Jim: What does "dickwad" mean?
Joe: Look it up on Urban Dictionary.
by dougdougdoug August 26, 2007
A containment unit used to contain mammaries of a female homosapien.
There are presumably breasts under those bustedtees.
by Snicker Tits January 26, 2009
stupid t-shirts. advertisement on the left hand side of the screen
includes hot girls tho :D

busted tees
by Alessandroooooooooo January 25, 2006
A company that sells hot girls in slightly funny shirts.
I just ordered two insanely hot girls from Busted Tees. When they get here we're going to sex it up.
by Bloodbath 87 March 07, 2009
1. Advertisers who spam the hell out of urban dictionary
2.The t shirts that you see on that kid with the long greasy hair and zitty face at school. Who thinks hes funny. And has no friends. And smokes crack
John: Dude did you see that faggot with that stupid shirt on from busted tees?
Fred: Yeah, that kid is pretty gay.
John: Do you want to go in the bathroom and exchange blowjobs?
Fred: Totally.
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