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Busted Evermore My Use of It and Definition.
Darlings heres a new word I want to introduce to you. My enemies love insulting and abusing me. Its just annoying. Busted evermore is what I say to them. What it means.....................

Busted evermore is

1. Not ever being attractive personality wise. In addition no ability to obtain a jr high or high school education because of lack of a normal brain to comprehend common sense.
3.Terrible dresser
6. disparaging
7. Drug dealers
8. Crack Hoars
9. Sheepshead bay projects
10. Anyone in the world that abuses anyone verbally, sexually or physically.
Is busted evermore. So if you are a nerd and someone bullies you remember to tell them their "Busted Evermore."

Joan Rivers your busted evermore because you told me I am hideous.

Macy Gray is busted evermore she is a homewrecking slut.
by Shadelle L Amarante February 03, 2013
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