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To draw attention. To grab the target's focus before saying something

Used to begin telling a story

Used mostly in the 90's by pimps, players, or any persuasive speaker.

When said:
If aiming to sound white pronounce the ending st properly.
If goal is to sound urban or "hood" do not use the t.

Ex. Ay, yo bus it, I was finna go.....
We was finna steal on that nigga when we saw him coming out the club, but bust it, there was hella security ready to tase a nigga.

Aight, bust it I was at the mall and saw that fat bitch keysha right... Etc
by 90's Nigga February 08, 2011
A term used in Hardcore.

When the song is about to go into a breakdown or enter a faster part, the singer yells BUST IT! (or bust, kick it, break, rip it, etc)

can also be used when talking about dancing to a hardcore band.

"Man when Righteous Jams play I'm gonna bust it."
by xinyofacex August 28, 2005
A phrase used in response to someone suggesting that you do something.
Dave: "Should I down this bottle of vodka, hold the last swallow in my mouth, smoke a cigarette through my nose, then jump in the pool and swim across underwater?"
John: "Bust it."


Andy: "I know I've had a lot to drink, but that chick with the enormous fupa looks pretty hot, I think I'd enjoy licking her undercarriage."

John: "Bust it."


John, holding up a full glass of beer: "Bust it?"

Kelly: "BUST IT."
by John Boy December 18, 2003