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Yes, she's better than a bust it baby, only because she's down for you whenever, wherever AND vice versa. She's the one you come home to NOT BECAUSE she's an expert at fellatio, or because she can talk her sex game or because she looks amazing with or without her clothes (though its a bonus), BUT BECAUSE you love her phsyically, mentally, and emotionally. She's your dyme, your wife, and your BETTER HALF. She's the ice cream to end your day, with the sex being the cherry at the top. pretty please. ;)
Girl: Let me be your bust it baby
Guy: Naw, I need a bust it wifey.
by Sandy Do May 28, 2008

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Better than a bust it baby.
Peter's friend: What's better than a bust it baby?
Peter: A bust it wifey.
by Peter . April 23, 2008