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A female companion who fucks, sucks, and swallows nuts
I met this bitch the other day who sucked my dick while i was taking a shit in mcdonalds. She was a straight up bustdown.
by Real Pimpin August 14, 2006
24 17
a female who usually performs oral sex on many men
She aint wifey material, she's a bust down.
by msdenee December 28, 2005
13 6
A Bustdown is a person who is willing to do almost anything with anybody in the form of being with a person in any way possible.
a women who would sleep with me or kick it with me, then sleep with my mans or kick it with him.
by "O" November 18, 2004
11 5
a female who has had sex and will have sex w/ multiple males at the same time:a female who has had so many sex partners she can not count anymore;multiple males having sex with one female one after the other
nig1:that gurl right ther is the biggest bustdown in the hood
nig2:that's what it do..i need to get on that!

nig1:we bustdown that gurl just the other night!!
nig2:she NASTY!!!
by Z.S. April 04, 2008
21 16
A chick thats not attractive at all, just someone good enough to fuck.
I'm going through a drought, i need a couple bustdowns.
by J Reid March 01, 2008
11 6
A slut or whore. A woman who has loose morals, among other things.
That bustdown slept with 50 guys in the past week!
by Illinois Joe May 22, 2006
18 14
A girl many guys have on their phone who they turn to if they can't get any sexual favors from a respectable woman. A bust down is usually a runner and she is usually the one most guys have to turn to if they cant get play the night they need it. When you get with a bust down you later will show signs of guilt and denial the day after, the more you get on a bust down the more your self-esteem will erode. There is even a "10 bust down commandments" that has been established and is necessary to abide by if you want to keep your dignity.
Hey man I tried callin that hot chick to roll with me to the party but she actually has sexy shit to do. Can i just roll with the local bust down to the party?
by Grant Aggg May 15, 2008
4 1